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Covid-19 Update

Hello everybody.  As you are all well aware, the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected our way of doing business.  With events being canceled this year, and the uncertainty of the length of time that this crisis will be present, we have made the difficult decision to shift gears and focus our efforts towards building our online ordering, bulk order, and delivery service.   Sadly this means that you won't be seeing us live popping at any events or markets for the time being.  We've decided to be overly cautious due to some members of our kettle corn family being immunocompromised. 


As we build our production facility, our goal is to be able to return to markets with corn already popped earlier in the day. (Our chef is getting ready to be living the "bakers hours" lifestyle) 

For now, we are offering a  "contactless" local delivery service of all of your favorite flavors.  As things change we will keep everybody updated. 

From the Rochester Kettle Corn family, we thank you all for your continued support and patience through this trying time.  We love you all.


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